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Criminal Defense Representation
and Trial Consultation

Jeffrey D. Hutcoe, Esq.

Committed to Criminal Defense Excellence for 25 Years


A member of the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Attorney Hutcoe has been representing those accused of crimes in Connecticut for over 25 years, having handled over 10,000 cases in over 20 jurisdictions at every level of Connecticutu's criminal justice system.  In doing so, he has successfully tried many extremely serious cases and has skillfullly negotiated thousands more. 


Attorney Hutcoe holds a B.A. in  English from Pace University, an M.A., Magna Cum Laude, in Philosophical Theology from Holy Apostles College and a J.D., With Honors, from the University of Connecticut School of Law.  He also holds a teaching post at Western Connecticut State University’s Division of Justice and Law Administration.