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About Me


Originally from New York, I have been practicing criminal defense law exclusively in Connecticut for over 25 years since graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Law with Honors in 1991. I have handled over 10,000 cases in over 20 jurisdictions which cover he entire range of criminal matters at every level.  I have handled countless juvenile matters, argued multiple appeals in front of our appellate courts, and have tried many serious cases to verdict, including four death penalty cases.    


There is nothing more important in criminal law than the attorney-client relationship. I pride myself on always having been honest and deeply committed with every client I have ever represented, whether they had a simple assault or a serious murder case.  I will always tell you what I think, even if you don’t want to hear it as I believe it is crucial that you understand every aspect of your case before making important decisions about it. Nothing is more important than being realistic because that is the only way to be prepared to do whatever is necessary.   


I have always worked hard and used every ethical tool and tactic available to avoid trial where possible, and try a case strenuously when necessary. More importantly, I have always worked for my clients with a deep sense of commitment which comes from knowing how infinitely serious every case is my clients, even when others think it to be be not that serious compared to other cases. There is no greater responsibility than having a client place their trust in you during such difficult times – and as difficult as it can be, there is no greater honor - and that is why it has always required, and I have always given my total commitment.